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What type of drill should you use for the drilling of holes in wood, plastics, alloy and steel metals, bricks, hard engineering bricks, stone, and concrete? Which type of cordless or electric drill do you need?
It goes without saying that of all the power tools that are available to buy or hire, the power drill is perhaps the most useful all-round tool that you can use to carry out a wide range of drilling tasks whether it is in the home or being put to use in the workplace.
Every day in the UK (as well as Worldwide) thousands of people pick-up a power drill to carry a particular drilling job out!
Here we will describe the most popular and common type of drills that are available to the DIY user as well as the trade user.
By DIY user we are referring to the private customer and user that uses a power drill on an occasional basis for carrying DIY and home improvement work on their own property, in their garden, the garden shed or garage, or maybe whilst working on their car, motorcycle, boat, or another similar project.
The trade user is typically a builder, electrician, engineer, joiner, plumber, plasterer, or a similar professional user that regularly needs the use of one of these power tools for carrying out work in-connection with their trade. These could also be classed as a business user, commercial user, or trade user.
Electric Percussion Hammer Drill
If you are a “home user” and own an electric hammer drill, it is most likely that you have purchased or have inherited from a friend or family member what is known as a percussion type hammer drill. Most brands and models of power drills that are aimed at “do it yourself users” (such as those with the brand names of Green-Bosch, Black & Decker, Einhell, Draper, and Power Devil) are of this type.
As far as specifications go a typical electric power drill of this type will feature either a 10mm or a 13mm chuck, a forward and reverse action, and may have several speeds or alternatively a variable speed trigger control.
What type of materials can one of these tools drill?
If the power drill has a variable speed control it will be suitable for the drilling of holes in wood, plaster, plastics, alloy and steel metal, and when the hammer action is engaged it will also be capable of drilling holes in light masonry including soft stone, modern type bricks, and lighter density concrete.
To be effective in all of these building and construction materials the user will need to use a sharp drill bit that is of the correct type and quality to get the job done. A few recommended brands of drill bits are those sold under the names of Armeg, Black and Decker, Bosch, Dewalt, Faithful, Makita, Toolpak, and Trend.
Electric Rotary Action Drill
Many years ago all electric drills were classed as rotary action drills - they had no variable speed controls, no hammer action, no reverse function, and early models just had a single speed. Nowadays rotary action drills can have all of these functions with the exception of having a hammer action. This type of tool is not designed for drilling into any type of masonry, it is designed and sold for drilling into metal, plastic and wood.
Benefits of buying or hiring a rotary drill  
Rotary power drills have evolved over the years and have become a versatile and useful tool that is now predominantly aimed at the commercial, industrial, or trade user. Most tools sold of this type now only carry the well known trade brand names - being specifically designed for heavy duty regular work in the factory or on the job site. A few brand names to mention when referring to rotary electric drills are those of Bosch, Dewalt, and Makita
Most rotary drills have fixed speed ranges that match certain types of materials such as wood and steel, in these applications they perform far better and are more robust than an alternative type of drill such as a variable speed model of electric drill.
SDS Hammer Drills
The sds drill is a type of power drill that really started to make a name for itself in the 1980’s onwards. It’s real name is an sds plus or sds+ drill. This power tool was designed for the job of drilling into hard concrete and bricks, and has proven itself to be a far more effective tool at drilling into these building and construction materials than a traditional percussion hammer drill.
Several manufacturers have laid claim to becoming the developer and first manufacturer of this type of drilling machine, but here at finditlocaldirectory we believe it was really Bosch that should claim the title!
Unlike a percussion action hammer drill a sds hammer drill really does make it’s mark when it comes to the job of drilling holes in hard bricks or concrete. Special splined drill bits are used that engage in the drive spindle of the tool, with a true hammer action mechanism being engaged that pushes the bit forward at a strong rate whilst being rotated. This type of portable power tool is around 3 to 5 times more effective at drilling holes in masonry than a conventional electric “percussion” drill.
If you own or have access to a “basic” hammer drill and find it is struggling to bore holes in hard bricks, blocks, or concrete, you need to get hold of or hire a sds drill. For drilling holes typically up to around 24 to 26mm in diameter they will easily cope with everything you have to throw at it! Need to fit an extractor fan or drill a large hole for a waste plumbing pipe? Just get hold of an sds drill that has a “rotation stop”. With one of these you can even use an adaptor and fit core bits for drilling through walls, ceilings, roofs, and most other areas in any building or property.
Mag Drills
Commercial, industrial, and trade users will not need any introduction to this type of power tool. A mag drill is an electric powered rotary drilling machine that is used for the task of drilling purely metal and mostly types of steel components. It features a magnetic base to allow it to be attached to rsj’s, pipes, steel sections, metal tanks, and steel components of all types




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