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Access Tower Hire Sheffield
DIY, Business, Corporate, Industrial and Trade Customers Supplied
Alloy scaffold access towers are a good cost effective option when it comes to the need to carry out work safely at heights. These mobile alloy tower units are a safer alternative to working off traditional extension ladders, featuring a stable variable height work platform for you to carry out all types of work.
The mobile alloy access towers are available to hire in a range of useful sizes including a choice of widths, lengths, and of course platform heights. When you choose to rent one of these items of non-powered access equipment the individual access tower will be supplied with adjustable legs, locking castor wheels, support braces, a safety guard rail, and safety toe boards that fit around the edge of the working platform.
A useful feature of these items of equipment is their built-in ladder frame, this is a ladder that is part of the frame structure of each individual scaffold tower. It’s function is to allow you to climb-up and access the work platform from ground level.  
When enquiring about scaffold access tower hire in Sheffield it would be useful if you know the platform height that you require, this is the height of the platform that you will be standing on to carry out work.
Scaffold Access Tower Hire Sheffield
Rivet Buster Tool Hire in Sheffield
DIY, Contractors, and Trade Customers in Sheffield Supplied
Engineering and metal working tools are available for daily, weekly, and longer term hire periods.
Available for hire in Sheffield is a choice of specialist equipment and metal working tools for carrying out all types of engineering work whether onsite or in a local South Yorkshire factory or workshop environment.
A few examples of products that are available are hand tools including crow bars, C and G clamps, levels, socket sets, spanners (including King Dick podger spanners), impact sockets, screwdrivers, hex drivers, and spirit levels. Power tools for engineering and metal working include angle grinders from Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, and Makita, electric cut-off saws and chop saws, cordless and electric operated impact drivers and impact wrench tools (usually the latest Hitachi, Makita, and Milwaukee models), electric shears and metal nibbler tools, heavu duty hydraulic cable cutters and hydraulic pullers (in particular bearing puller tools). You can also obtain cable jacks and cable rollers, electric operated air movers, tapping drills, and of course Minibore and Rotabroach type electric mag drills.
Turner Hire are also the main supplier for building and construction tools in Sheffield.
Specialist Engineering and Metal Working Tools
DIY, Contractors, Industrial Users, Factory Sites and Trade Supplied
Lifting equipment products are designed to allow you to safely lift or move a wide variety of loads.  
Available for short, medium, or long time hire periods is a large selection of quality lifting equipment as well as material handling and moving products.
When choosing a local company or supplier for the hire of lifting products it is essential to make sure that all products are supplied with the relevant dated test certification, ensuring that the individual product is safe to use and of the required standard for lifting use. This is supplied with all lifting equipment products that are provided by Turner Hire and Sales (Sheffield).    
Equipment that is available includes a large range of chain blocks in varying sizes, specifications and lifting capabilities. Also available are lifting gantries, chain slings, pull-lifts, tirfors, magnetic lifters, various types of hoists, girder trolleys, girder clamps, roller crow-bars, webslings, genie super lifts, engine lifting cranes / hoists, plasterboard lifting tools, load measuring cells, and hydraulic lifting jacks (including toe jacks) and cylinders / rams.
Lifting Equipment Products Sheffield
Lifting Equipment Hire Pallet Truck Hire Sheffield
Material Handling Equipment and Machinery Moving Products
Choosing the right item of material handling equipment or moving product is not only providing the operator with a safer way of carrying out this type of work, but it’s a more productive one as well.  
Available for all types of businesses, commercial users, and industrial clients in Sheffield are specialist items of equipment that include various sizes and specifications of pallet trucks, wheeled (roller) and caterpillar track type moving skates, road plates, sack barrows, stair climbers, turntable wheeled trolleys, tirfor wire rope pulling machines, and also the unique skoots lifting and moving trolley item of equipment.
Various models of Genie Super Lifts can be supplied too including the Genie SLA10, 20, and 25 models.
Need pallet truck hire Sheffield? Telephone us now for details on our pallet truck hire range available.
For our trade account customers we can also supply the much needed service of local fork lift truck hire.   
DIY, Business, Contractors, and Trade Customers Supplied
If you need the use of a jet pressure washer machine you can choose from models that clean by way of using high pressure cold water or alternatively models that can provide cold as well as hot water depending on your individual needs and the specific job that needs carrying out.
For general cleaning tasks around the outside of a domestic property (such as maybe the cleaning of patio slabs, concrete garden paths, your drive, the garden walls, and of course not forgetting any decking areas, all that you will need is to hire a high powered cold water jet pressure washer machine.
For trade and industrial users including builders, landscapers, cleaning contractors, engineering companies and commercial users, a hot water pressure washer would be more suitable. The powerful heavy duty Karcher “hot and cold water” machines that are supplied by us can really get to work on the deep cleaning of hard surface areas, engineering equipment, machinery, and many more applications.
Pressure Washer Hire Sheffield
Pressure Washer Hire Sheffield Carpet Cleaner Machine Hire Sheffield
Carpet Cleaning Machines - For Domestic Use and also for Heavy Duty Use in the workplace
When the time comes to deep clean the carpets in your home, the office, shop, or other property in Sheffield, we can assist by providing you with several choices of easy to use carpet cleaning machines.
For use in domestic properties such as apartments, flats, bungalows and houses we recommend one of our small sized carpet shampooer machines. These are relatively light in-weight, are very simple to use, and more importantly these water extraction type carpet cleaner machines can make a real difference to dirty carpets, rugs, mats, and any other upholstered floor coverings you may have in your home.
Our staff offer free advice on how to use these machines (as with all of our tools and equipment) as well as providing Sheffield customers with easy to follow operator instructions too with every rental.
Looking to hire a carpet cleaner machine over a weekend? Ask us about our Special Offer Prices!

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner Machines - for Business and Commercial Applications
For use in commercial properties including shops, offices, hotels, and work spaces where there are any large areas of carpet fitted, consider the rental of one of our heavy duty “twin motor” machines.
These work fast at deep cleaning carpets and feature castors for easy movement on-site.
Please Note: This heavy duty model requires two (2) mains electric power cables to be used due it it featuring powerful twin extractor and vacuum motors within. * Please ask us for more details if required
Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner Rental Sheffield
Carpet Cleaning Machines
Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Hire
Wet and Dry Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners - A favourite with builders, joiners, and plasterers
When you need to vacuum-up a lot of dirt or excess water, consider hiring a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?
Larger in physical size than a traditional vacuum these feature powerful motors to really help you clean-up after undertaking building work, decorating, plastering, or after the event of a flood or a burst pipe.
Had a burst water pipe at your Sheffield home, office, factory, or business property? As well as calling an emergency Sheffield plumber - give us a call or visit and arrange the rental of one of these products!
Trade Users including builders, decorators, contract cleaning companies, insurance assessors- we invite you to apply to contact us and apply to open a Trade Account, please ask for further details.
Pipe Threading Machines
A large range of electric pipe threading machines and related equipment is available for temporary hire to suit the trade, commercial, and industrial user in Sheffield. This includes small hand-held pipe threader tools as well as the popular large floor-standing Ridgid type pipe threaders.
Typical threading capacities of these machines are up to 4” diameter pipework depending on the model of machine you choose to hire. In addition to supplying one of these items of specialist equipment we also can supply the necessary cutting dies, cutting and lubricating fluids, and if needed - nipple chucks.
With over 25 years of experience in supplying local businesses and contractors in Sheffield with pipe threaders, you will find Turner Hire are the main supplier in Sheffield for this type of pipework product as well as offering quality, well maintained machines that are safe, robust, cost effective, and reliable to use.  
Pipeworking Equipment - Pipe Threading and Bending Products
Pipe Threader Hire in Sheffield Pipe Freezer Kit Hire in Sheffield
Pipe Freezer Kits - Enjoy the Cheapest Rental Prices in Sheffield!
The electric pipe freezer kit is a specialist item of plumbing equipment that is designed to help both the keen DIY customer as well as professional plumber that needs to carry out plumbing work in Sheffield.
This useful and handy item of plumbing equipment freezes the water in pipework allowing repairs and modifications to take place, without having to drain a plumbing system down. It can be used on central heating pipes that run to radiators, boiler pumps, boilers, and of course to cold water tanks, immersion heaters, and the hot and cold water supplies to baths, shows, toilets, tanks, and basins.
Various specifications of pipe freezer kits are available to suit different diameter sizes of supply pipes.  
Please Note: When using this product the water inside the pipes should be cold.  
Are you a local plumber in Sheffield? If so, contact us and ask to open a trade account now!
Electric and Cordless Professional Power Tools
If you need the temporary use of a particular type of power tool to carry out an occasional or a one-off job, just get in-touch with Turner Hire. Perhaps you are a Sheffield builder or a keen DIY’er that needs tool hire?
Available for rental at competitive rates is a large choice of heavy duty professional power tools to suit a wide range of applications. You will find portable power tools to help you with building and construction jobs, cleaning and decorating, engineering work, metal fabrication, gardening and landscaping, and all types of woodworking. Our outlet is your “one stop shop” for tool hire Sheffield!
We offer a cost effective service to business users as well as DIY customers on well known brands of professional power tools that include Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Powerbor, Rotabroach.
Examples of tool products available include angle grinders, circular saws, cordless hammer drills, jigsaws, alligator saws, orbital and belt sanders, concrete planers and floor grinders, chop saws, mitre saws, disc cutters, heavy duty sds plus hammer drills, mag drills, woodworking router machines, and cordless tools including Paslode nail guns, drill drivers, combi drills, and impact drivers and impact wrenches.
Professional Portable Power Tools, Cordless and Electric
Power Tools Sheffield Mag Drill Rental in Sheffield Buy Makita Power Tools in Sheffield
Mag Drill Sales  
For the engineering user, mechanical fitter, metal fabricator, steel erector, welding contractor, and other local trades, we sell a large choice of well known high quality brands of mag drills.
We sell all popular brands and models of mag drills including brands such as Alfra, Evolution, Fein, JEI, Minibor, Powerbor and all the models in the famous Rotabroach mag drill brand range too.
Thinking of buying a new Rotabroach Commando 40, or Rotabroach Element 30 or Element 40 mag drill? Just call us now for a great price to buy any of these models!
Already got a sales quote price from another UK agent or mag drill UK outlet? Just give us a call and we’ll endeavour to beat anyone's else's prices on any model of Powerbor, Rotabroach or Unibor Mag Drill.
Telephone Turner Hire and Sales (Sheffield) on: 0114 2581682
A Nationwide Delivery service is available via our recorded UK courier delivery service available
Annular Mag Drill Cutters / Rotabroach type cutters and holesaws: Contact us to buy new cutters at amongst the cheapest prices available, we specialise in cutters from Alfra UK, Powerbor, Rotabroach, and Unibor. For use with conventional drills we also supply hole saws from Starrett and Toolpak.    
Buy Fairport Vibrating Compaction Plates, MiXzr Cement Mixers, Concrete Pokers, and more
If you are looking to buy a Fairport manufactured vibrating compactor plate, one of the latest MiXzr concrete mixers, a hydraulic concrete breaker, trench tamper / rammer, or any other product in the Fairport Construction range - Contact Turner Hire (Sheffield) for a competitive and discounted price!
From our Sheffield based tool hire and sales outlet we sell the complete model range of Fairport Construction products, and at prices amongst the cheapest you will find anywhere in the UK!
We sell their Honda engined compactor plates, concrete screeders, poker units, water pumps, hydraulic concrete breaker tools, blue floats, floor grinder machines, puddle pumps, and more….
Telephone Turner Hire (Sheffield) on: 0114 2581682
Fairport Construction Equipment Chesterfield, Rotherham, Sheffield
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Business user, Contractor, Commercial user, Local Factory, or a UK service provider that undertakes work in Sheffield, we invite you to open a trade payment account with Turner Hire (Sheffield) to let you enjoy a speedy equipment hire service as well as competitive trade rates on our complete range of specialist equipment and tools that we can provide.
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Fairport Construction Vibrating Compactor Plate

Electric Pipe Freezer Hire Sheffield

Looking to buy a professional power tool in Sheffield, Chesterfield, or Rotherham?  

In addition to providing the temporary hire of power tools we also sell them, and at amongst the cheapest prices you will find anywhere in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

We specialise in the sale of professional power tools from Alfra UK, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Powerbor, Rotabroach, Stihl, and also Unibor.

For more details and a no obligation quote to supply any tools in these brands, just contact us.

Buy Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Powerbor, and Rotabroach Tools
For any more details, product information and specifications, or to obtain a Free Quote on local Equipment Hire - please contact us.
Turner Hire - 426 London Road - Sheffield S2 3PS
Telephone: (0114) 2581682

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Tool Hire in Sheffield is really easy to find and arrange. There is a good selection of local power tool hire shops in Sheffield in South Yorkshire that cater for all types of customers and the applications that they need a particular tool or an item of equipment for.

With this South Yorkshire City having a past as well as modern history centred around engineering, metal fabrication, and steel processing, it is no surprise that there isn’t a shortage of equipment rental shops here that really can cater for this type of service needs.

The City of Sheffield though is not just about engineering related industries, it is a buoyant location where building & construction is carried out all the time as well as property maintenance, facilities management, civil engineering, all types of ground-working, landscaping, and highway re-surfacing.

On top of this is the need for also DIY home users that are working on their own properties as well as all the different types of trades that work and are employed here. This includes builders, cleaning contractors, heating and ventilation engineers, gardeners, joiners, kitchen fitters, landscapers, mechanics, mechanical fitters, plumbers, steel erectors, roofers, and many more.