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In Eckington, Sheffield S21
If you don’t want to cook and fancy a takeaway instead, choose from our list of featured takeaway and fast food outlets that are in Eckington.
Choose from burgers, chinese, chicken, fish and chips, pizza, kebabs, and grilled food.    


Bilals Indian
49 Market Street, Eckington S21 4EG
Tel: 01246 432909          Indian       

78 Ravencar Road, Eckington S21 4JN
Tel: 01246 434608          Chinese

Eckington Charcoal
13 Southgate, Eckington S21 4FS
Tel: 01246 431551          Grill, Burgers, Chicken

Jade Garden Chinese
1 Fenton Street, Eckington S21 4BX
Tel: 01246 432730          Chinese

Popeye’s Takeaway
44 Market Street, Eckington S21 4JH
Tel: 01246 431718          Grill, Chicken, Burgers, Fish Chips  

The Desert Booth
85 High Street, Eckington S21 4DJ
Tel: 07851 106204          Deserts

82 Ravencar Road, Eckington S21 4JN
Tel: 01246 432244          Grill, Chicken, Burgers, Pizza, Chips

Venice Pizzeria
3 Station Road, Eckington S21 4FW
Tel: 01246 433369          Pizza
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You can order freshly cooked food including all popular types of pizza’s, burgers, chicken meals including chicken kebabs and KFC style chicken, chinese meals including egg fried rice, chow mein and noodles with rice, all all types of curry meals.