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If you own or manage a UK website are you enjoying the benefits of having a strong online presence?

By “strong” we are referring to your own website being in the best page position for customers and clients to find you in the major internet search engines including Bing, and of course Google.

Are customers and clients able to easily find you on the web for the goods, products, and services that you sell or provide?

What position are you in within the Bing or the Google search engine for the business sector or industry you operate in?

Is your site (or it’s pages and articles) visible on the first, second, or third page in Bing or Google? Or is it buried and hidden away amongst the millions of other sites these search engines list.

Can your small, medium, or large business be found in your business category area for your local geographic location?

If your website is not optimised  you will be missing out on potential web traffic!  


What service does an SEO Consultant or SEO Company provide?

A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant will typically provide specialist and knowledgeable advice and recommendations to firstly; get your web site visible on the internet’s major search engines, next they will provide an action plan to keep your site and it’s internal pages visible in the search engine, and finally; give you advice and recommendations to improve your websites page position(s) to allow web users to find you.

Most website owners and site managers have a wish for their individual site to be visible on the first page in Google.

Most people also want their own site to be in the first, second, or third place slot on the first page.

With a considerable amount of new sites being uploaded to the World Wide Web (www) every day this means you are most certainly going to have some online competition. You only need to do an online search for a popular business area or product to see the amount of listed results for yourself!

A SEO company can help your site be found on the internet

What type of services would a seo company undertake?

Evaluation Meeting:

Most Search Engine Optimisation consultants would start with a face to face evaluation meeting with you to determine the results you want your web site to provide.

What do you want your site to achieve?  Do you want a basic online presence for reference?

Do you want to advertise a service? Do you want to advertise a venue?  

Do you want to advertise items for sale? Are you a charity and want some online promotion?

Are you the operator of a small business and want extra local custom?

All of these are basic questions that can help determine the results you need a seo company to deliver.

Analysis of Your Competition:

A seo consultant should research your online competition and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses within their website(s).

They should check the technical side of the competitors sites construction as well as the methodology of how it is promoted.

Number of pages within a site:

The quantity of pages can make a large difference to whether your site enjoys a strong or weak position in the search engines. What is more important though is the content of information that is on the pages. Duplicate content harms your page ranking and page positioning. A seo expert will check the number of pages as well as the content in both your competitors as well as your own site. In addition they will look for duplicate content that could be harming your sites page rank and positioning.

The technical site construction and structure:
Without getting too bogged down with industry terminology this would include measuring the use of keywords, key phrases, text and image tags, and the overall linking structure. Back linking in particular plays a large part in a web sites positioning in Google by way of their pagerank rating.

A new factor is the speed of which web site pages load in a users browser. Having a fast page load time is now classed as a benefit to users and so Google recognises this accordingly. The time it takes to load a sites page can benefit or hinder your position in Google - it is being measured! The speed at which your competitors site loads should be checked, this will most likely be done by way of the use of a web tool.

The way in which the pages within a site link to each other play a large part in your sites search engine optimisation. Close attention should be paid to the way the links work as well as their link description. This is where a SEO Consultant can really help you get your site rocketed up the results for a given search phrase - and hopefully to a strong first page result in Google.


How much is the cost for a SEO Consultants service?

A clear guide to the charges you will need to pay pay should be available at an early stage of talks with a seo company. It is fair to say that charges can vary depending on the level of analysis needed as well as action to get your site optimised.

Most Search Engine Optimisation companies charge either on a hourly basis or a fixed total fee for the initial professional analysis work as well as site recommendations. A large volume of seo experts in the UK will appoint your own designer to physically carry out the changes needed. This keeps the technical fees down to the lowest price point possible.

Are there any on-going charges or fees payable?

Depending on the individual company you appoint you may or may not be charged on-going fees. The flexibility of how consultants charge can vary from one to another. It is fair to say though that to stay ahead of other companies and businesses ongoing seo work will be needed as time goes by. This is because your competition may decide to improve their online presence by using the services of a search engine optimisation company themselves and also because of changes in how a search engine like Bing or Google measures and ranks you. This is what is referred to as their algorithms.


When deciding on whether you need the help of a search engine optimisation expert consider if you are getting the results you want from your website?

Or are you at the early stages and have yet to launch a site online? > need a local website designer...

Does your site contain details and information that visitors actually want to view and read? If it doesn’t visitors will either not find you or will not stay on your site when they do!

NB: If you operate an e-commerce site are your products unique or competitively priced? If not they need to be to succeed!

Can you be found for local or geographic area search criteria? This is when a user searches for an organisation, a business, or a service provider in the local area they live, work, or wish to carry out some other interest in. Taking this further it could involve City, Town, Region, or District criteria as well as postcodes.

An example of this is could be the search keyword phrase of “Beauty Therapist in Sheffield”. If you operate a small business providing mobile beauty treatments for customers in the City of Sheffield (located in South Yorkshire) your site should reflect this local “City” criteria- as this is what your clients will most likely be searching for. They could just search by the key word phrase of “Beauty Therapist” - but this will return thousands of sites in the UK or World Wide depending on the individual search engine they are using.

Searching by UK region involves search criteria including UK geographic regions; examples of this could be “Yorkshire Furniture Hire Companies” or “Nottinghamshire Machinery Moving”. These searches involve the use of the Regional name in their criteria.

Brand Promotion:
If your budget allows - you should promote your “brand” as well as the business or service you run. Consumers look and search to buy products and services by identification of brand names. An example of this could be “Karcher Pressure Washers”. If a consumer is loyal to this brand they will undertake an online search that involves this strong “brand name”. Tie this into the service or product as well as local or geographic criteria and you can tell that website search engine optimisation is a job best left for the specialists in this field!  

Why should you use a local SEO consultant?

“What is the point of having an online presence if no-one can find you?”  

The use of a search engine optimisation consultant can make a real difference to the amount of traffic a site receives. Unlike website design which is a service of building a site; SEO get’s your site found and noticed!  

Compared to a sites construction  

If the content inside is relevant to what a consumer or visitor wants,

then you will get new clients or customers!

Examples of Small Business Websites:

A web site could be used to advertise and promote a local beauty salon or possibly an emergency plumber? Or alternatively a local lawnmower repair centre or a car tyre outlet? or it could be used to promote a local charity or a leisure centre?

The choice is endless... In seo terms the most important service that needs to be delivered to a seo consultant’s client are actions and recommendations that will allow a website (s) to be visible in a prominent position in Bing and Google with the aim of driving traffic to that site over others.
A seo specialist will work closely with your own web designer to discuss and get actioned any necessary changes that are needed with your web sites design and it’s overall structure. If you don’t have your own web designer they will recommend one for you.

Special attention will be given to your sites Keywords, Key Phrases, and the internal text and image “tag’s” that make up the sites design and layout.  

As the UK and rest of the World moves more and more into the Digital and Mobile Age - small businesses and companies will need to get online!


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