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Your Local Stockists for Pressure Washer Hire Sheffield

Brandon Hirestation   396 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3QN   

HSS Hire                  Unit 4 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield S9 4WR  

Speedy Services       Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DR (Inside B & Q)      

Pressure Washer Hire In Sheffield

Choose from local tool hire shops that provide jet pressure washers for hire throughout all postcode areas in Sheffield
Pressure Washer Hire In Sheffield
For jet pressure washer hire in Sheffield visit, here you will find the contact details of where to go locally for the cost effective rental of a cold or hot water pressure washer machine in Sheffield.
Most of our featured equipment and tool hire shops in Sheffield can supply cold and hot water pressure washers, electric, diesel, or petrol driven washers, compact domestic models (ideal for home use), and powerful commercial models aimed at regular heavy duty work.  
Pressure Washer Hire for DIY and Trade
These items of cleaning equipment are suitable for DIY (home-users) as well as TRADE (contractors) users that need to undertake heavy-duty cleaning.
Jet Pressure Washer Hire In Sheffield
Cold Water Pressure Washer Hire Sheffield
A cold-water pressure washer carries out the powerful cleaning of dirty items by way of blasting cold water out of the machines lance / wand at a very high (bar / psi) pressure.
The cold water jet washer will require connection to a suitable cold water mains water supply. Most hirers utilise a standard hose-pipe to carry this out. A cold-water pressure washers is operated off a standard UK specification 240v electric supply.
Detergents can be used to aid with deck and patio cleaning as well as automobile washing.
Hot Water Pressure Washer Hire In Sheffield
Hot Water Pressure Washer Hire Sheffield
A hot-water pressure washer can be used for cold or hot water cleaning, having an onboard heater unit that heats water up to a very high temperature.
A hot water jet washer gives improved performance over a cold water model due to being more versatile at cutting through tough dirt and grime on items that are very heavily soiled. Diesel is used as a fuel for the onboard water heater, whilst an external electric supply is required in order to power the machines high pressure-washing pump motor.
Hot water pressure washers are available for rental in a choice of different models with varying physical sizes and performance specifications.
Most tool hire shops in Sheffield will usually offer a pressure washer model that is from the popular Karcher, Makita, or Stihl brand of pressure washer machines.  

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