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The fleet of available limousines:

Our listed operators have on hand a wide choice of different stretched cars to suit your particular event and needs.

Looking for a stretched Chrysler 300 for a Sheffield School graduation event or your school Prom?

Need a Range Rover Sport for a corporate hospitality event in London?

A BMW X5 for a Blackpool Hen Night celebration?

Or do you want a Classic Lincoln Continental for a Wedding?

How about a traditional pink limo for a night out with the girls?

You will find a vast choice of different cars available via the limo hire companies we list in this directory...

Looking for a particular colour choice of a limo?

The large range of cars come in various colours such as crisp white, beautiful black, stylish silver, and not forgetting pink! If you are unsure of what coloured limo to choose why not opt for the popular silver limo choice that is ideal for all types of events and special occasions.

Luxurious Interiors:

All of our featured limo hire have luxurious interiors that will seat your party in comfort. In addition to plush seating and a bar many of the limousines have too many gadgets to list, common ones though are powerful sound systems including cd and dvd players, tv’s, disco lights, led strip lighting, mirror balls, and refrigerated mini bars. For the younger ones (and especially a top requirement for school leaving and school graduation parties) why not choose a limo that has a games console such as an xboxone or a  playstation?

Airport Transfer Limousine Hire:

Limo Hire for airport transfer is becoming more and more popular in the UK due to this method of transport being stress free and also being available at a more competitive price than it used to be in past years. If you are flying to an important business meeting or a special holiday destination consider airport transfer limousine hire.

Going on holiday should be a pleasurable experience but so often the journey to the airport can be stressful with lots of issues to deal with. Why not get your trip off to a great start by feeling in a great mood by choosing limo airport transfer? When compared with booking a taxi you will find that the overall cost is not that much different to hiring a luxury stretched limousine.

All popular UK airports are catered for so whether you are flying from Cardiff, East Midlands, Doncaster, Liverpool, Luton, Stanstead,  Manchester, or Hearthrow or Gatwick airport, a chauffeur driven limo can collect you from your door and take you in comfort and luxury straight to your departure point.

Hen / Stag Party Limousine Hire:

After you have decided to tie the knot, are you arranging your last night of freedom by way of a hen or stag party? A hen or stag night is one event which you may (or maybe not) talk about for the rest of your life.

Being a really special night it is one event where people choose to splash money out and really let their hair down. In addition to choosing the location and venue to have the hen or stag night the transportation often needs careful planning.

Do you need to travel to a particular UK City or Town? Perhaps to Blackpool, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bath, Skegness, Leeds, or Manchester? Or how about the beautiful City of York or a location in the Lake District? Or is your hen night going to be held in Birmingham or London?

Why not get your memorable night or weekend off to a great start by way of booking limousine hire?

You can enjoy an amazing time in travelling to your chosen location in one of these cars, whether you opt for a Chrysler 300 (or otherwise known as a baby Bentley), a Hummer Jeep, a Jaquar, or even a bright red Fire Engine Limo, you are sure to remember the event and night! To get your party guests in the mood we’ll make sure the bar and fridge is filled-up with your favourite drinks.

Prom Limousine Hire:

Looking for a local company to book Prom Limo Hire? What better way to celebrate your child leaving school or university for the new times ahead… Children and students of all ages can enjoy their leaving date celebrations to the full by travelling to their party venue in style in a stretched limousine.

Are your children leaving primary school this term? Or secondary school? Perhaps you are thinking of clubbing together with other parents to share the costs of prom limo hire? Consider booking a 14 or 15 seater stretched limo and keep the costs down to as cheap a price for the day as possible.
All of our featured companies strive to provide you with a quality experience when it comes to arranging and booking UK limousine hire.

Whether you want a lively night out with the boys or girls, a fun time for the kids, or a relaxing time out with friend and loved ones - hiring a limo has to be one of the best experiences that you can have!

Using the service of limousine hire also does not have to be expensive, and whilst it is not as cheap as using some other forms of transport it’s the experience that is important.

Limousine Hire

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Limousine Hire

Find a local limo hire company for celebrating a special occasion or event...

A stretched limousine is a great way to travel to a school prom, a graduation ceremony, a party, or a wedding...

Arranging a hen or stag night? Or possibly a special birthday party? Choose a local limo hire company to hire a classic or modern stretched limousine…

Find a local limo hire company:

We offer limo hire wherever you are in the UK and will help you find all the limousine hire services in your local area from all the popular limousine operators.

The Find It Local Online Directory features Limo Hire companies from the whole of the UK and lists a vast number of quality limo hire operators. Our overall objective by way of this directory is to put you in touch with the right limo hire services for your individual needs.

There are also loads of great Special Booking Offers available throughout the UK on a large range of different cars.

Popular UK locations:

Most major cities and towns in the UK are popular for this event service. You don’t have to be celebrating an event or special occasion in the big cities of Leeds, Manchester, or London to enjoy the service of limousine hire in the UK.

Our directory features companies that offer this service in all areas of the UK, we also feature some of the more popular locations below:

Find more information on Prom Limo Hire In Sheffield

Find more information on Prom Limousine Hire in Chesterfield

Find more information on Stretched Limo Rental in Yorkshire

Find more information on Blackpool Limousine Hire

Barnsley, Bath, Batley, Birmingham, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Coventry, Derby, Dewsbury, Dinnington, Doncaster, Dronfield, Goole, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Keighley, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Mablethorpe, Mansfield, Newbury, Newcastle, Normanton, Nottingham, Orpington, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Pontefract, Preston, Reading, Rotherham, Runcorn, Weston Supermare, Wolverhampton, Worksop,

Limousine Hire Sheffield

Limousine Hire Sheffield for birthday celebrations, school prom, college and university graduations,

The City of Sheffield in South Yorkshire is one where stretched limousine hire is always popular and in-demand. College graduations, school leavers, and university graduation events mean that limo hire in Sheffield soon gets booked-up , sometimes by 9 to 12 months in advance!

But it’s not just graduations and children leaving school that creates a demand for this service. Each week and all-year round the service is popular for people celebrating:-

Anniversary celebrations - Birthday parties - Family get-together’s - Girls nights out - Hen nights - Stag parties

Weddings also create a large demand for customers booking luxurious limousines, usually of course the pristine white coloured ones such as Chrysler’s, Daimlers, Hummers, and of course Bentley’s.

How about booking a car for a special day out shopping in Meadowhall?

Believe it or not, a fair number of clients choose limousine hire in Sheffield for a day out shopping at the famous UK Meadowhall shopping centre that is on the outskirts of Sheffield, so if this is what your fancying - then why not?

Cheap Limo Hire Cheap Limousine Hire

Sheffield Limo Hire is always popular no matter what time of the year it is!

With some great locations and a buoyant night life it is no wonder that hiring a limousine here is becoming more and more popular, year on year!

So what do people in Sheffield typically choose to hire a limo for?

Private Parties: Top of the list has to be for a private party, whether it is for a corporate event or a special private function, a great many people in Sheffield of all ages look to arrive at their venue in style in a stretched limo.

Birthday Parties: Especially for girls and ladies - they all seem to love being driven around the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield in a beautiful limousine.

Most customers tend to use limousine hire in Sheffield to travel to a particular venue where the birthday party is being held.

This could be at a local restaurant (maybe in the city centre or along the lovely Ecclesall Road) or at one of the many clubs or public houses that can be found in Sheffield.

A few to mention are Bar 27, All Bar One, Browns, Revolution De Cuba, SOYO, The Great Gatsby, Cubana, Paris, EGO, Cosmo, Piccolino, Bills, Mamas and Leonies, Wagamama, and more.

Prom Limo Hire Sheffield:  This is becoming a massive event time of the year for companies in the City of Sheffield that provide limo hire.

For the parents of school leavers who are attending their prom it can become something of a nightmare to even consider searching for a recommended company for limo hire Sheffield!

Every year demand outstrips supply and if you need to arrange and book a stretched limousine for your child’s prom we recommend you book early.

Our website can help you find a local Sheffield company that offers this service - and an early booking and reservation is well advised.

This is especially the case if your child currently studies at Birley School or Westfield School in Sheffield - both have very high numbers of school leavers each year that traditionally attend their prom, all creating extra demand for this service.

Weddings: The busy time of spring through to the end of summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings in Sheffield, and a large number of brides and grooms choose to travel in style by way of booking a limo. Forget the fancy pink limo’s and fire engines, and also the fun party bus, weddings dictate a quality limousine along the lines of a black, silver, or white coloured Hummer.  

Airport Transfers: This has not really took off yet in Sheffield, well not to the same extent as it has in Leeds, Manchester, or London, but an airport transfer by a limo is a great way to kick-start your well deserved holiday.

You can book a local Sheffield limo hire company to collect you from your home and travel to any of the UK’s airports - with East Midlands, Birmingham, and Manchester being the most popular.








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Celebrate and party in-style with local limousine hire… Book a stretched Hummer, Lincoln, Cadillac, Jaguar, Pink Limo, or similar car for your event…

Limo Hire Prices can vary from one company to another, but there are ways that you can get get cheap limo hire - or at least get the best price possible!

The main tip here is to book and reserve as early as possible for the dates you need.

Prom Limo Hire Prices can be sky high if you leave it to the last minute, but at worse you can struggle to find availability if you leave it really late, so without repeating ourselves - book and reserve prom limo hire as early as possible.

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