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Floor Sander Hire
A DIY floor sander machine is an easy to use 240v electric powered sanding machine that is ideal for use on old wooden flooring boards, block parquet floors, and other types of decorative wooden floor surfaces.
One of these items of equipment can rapidly sand-away years of dirt, grime, and unsightly paint and old floor staining's and varnish, allowing you to restore floor boards in your Morley home (in Leeds) to your required finish in readiness for re-staining, the application of a clear varnish, or simply for them to be left in a natural looking finish.
Most local tool hire shops in Leeds supply a model of machine that is of the drum floor sander type.
Electric Drum Type Floor Sander
This is the most popular type of floor sanding machine that is supplied from all UK tool hire shops. It works by way of a powered drum in the tool that spins around at a very high speed. You attach a sheet of sandpaper to this drum by placing it around the drum and retaining it by a retaining bar that is screwed into place (don’t worry though it is a very simple task and the only hand tool needed to carry this out is a large flat bladed screwdriver).
As this drum spins around it sands and removes the top surface layer of the wooden surface that you place it upon, this then reveals fresh new wood, which is then available to receive whatever type of decorative finish you wish to coat it with.
The sanding tool will be supplied with a dust bag, this catches a good deal of the dust which the machine creates, but it is worth mentioning that it cannot collect all of it! We recommend that after carrying out the sanding process you vacuum the room several times with a vacuum cleaner to prepare the area before applying any finish stain or a clear varnish.
Useful Tip: Leave the room for 24 hours and vacuum it again several times, this will let you suck-up any dust that was airborne when the floor sanding job was being carried out.
Electric Edger Type Floor Sander
When you book your floor sander tool make sure you also arrange the rental of an edger sander. This is a separate tool that is used for the close-sanding of wooden floors next to skirting boards, door frames, and architraves. It is needed to sand a strip-area that the large drum sanding machine cannot reach into. It will also help you to achieve a better overall result.



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Accessories Needed: When renting one of these tools you will need abrasive sandpaper sheets that fit onto the machine to carry out the sanding action.
Different grades (the roughness) of sandpaper is available to purchase from a very course grade through to a fine grade.
Normally you will need at least half a dozen sheets of each grade to complete the efficient restoration of a typical rooms flooring in your home.
For more help on this please speak to the staff at our featured local tool hire shop that provides floor sander hire in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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