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Frequently asked questions

1.   What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette (also referred to as an e-cigarette) is an electronic vaporizing device, a personal vaporizer, or electronic delivery system that stimulates the smoking of tobacco. One of these units is powered by an onboard battery utilizing a heating element which vaporizes a blend of liquid solution.

2.   What is the blend of solution that vaporizes made up of?

This can vary from one brand or type of electronic cigarette to another. Some contain a blend of nicotine and flavourings whilst some types of e-cigarettes release a flavoured vapour without any nicotine.

3.   What is E juice?

E juice is a common name which refers to the vaping fluid that is present in these alternative smoking devices. E-juice is also referred to as an E-liquid by some brands and sellers of e cigarettes.

4.    What is an E cig?

This is the common name given to an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer device.   
8.    Is it cheaper to use an e-cigarette compare to a tobacco cigarette?

In most cases it is far cheaper than smoking. How much money you can save by switching to a vaporizer is dependant on how many cigarettes you typically smoke? What brand they are? And how much will you want to vape? It is common to hear a lot of clients and customers commenting on the cheaper prices they are now paying for their “hit” of nicotine by switching to an e-cigarette from smoking.
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5.    What does the term vaping mean?

As you cannot actually smoke an electronic cigarette (as there is no smoke!) Vaping is a term commonly used by people who use electronic cigarettes.

6.    Is the use of an electronic cigarette bad or harmful to you?

At the time of publication the benefits and any risks of using an e-cigarette are unclear. The regulation of these products is a subject of ongoing debate. There is a wealth of information available both off-line as well as online. It is recommended that you research into the latest information on e-cigarettes to be totally aware as to any risk or benefit to you by using one of these devices. Please note: as some electronic cigarettes utilise nicotine we cannot state that they are safe and healthy to use. Until comprehensive and thorough clinical test have been undertaken we feel you can only compare them in some ways with a “normal” cigarette. Remember electronic cigarettes do not utilise tobacco, tar, or many of the other chemicals that a traditional tobacco cigarette contains.

7.    What is it that you are inhaling - if it is not real smoke?

Each E-cigarette contains a unique blend of ingredients with differing proportions. The E juice (liquid) inside each device uses a base to create the smooth vapour. This base consists of either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or a combination of both PG and VG. Both natural and artificial flavoring is added to create the individual flavors of the e-Liquid.

Electronic Cigarettes

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