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Calor Gas - Sheffield

Calor Gas can be purchased from a range of stockists and suppliers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Our website aims to help you find a shop or dealer that you can buy Calor Gas and obtain refill Calor Gas Bottles from.

A good selection of stockists for bottled gas in Sheffield keep all of the popular cylinders sizes of Butane and Propane Gas that is in the Calor range, including refills for barbeques, camping and caravan stoves, cabinet heaters, and patio heaters.

Calor Gas Sheffield

What Is Calor Gas?

Calor Gas is what is known as a liquefied petroleum gas. It is actually a form of hydrocarbon gas that has been processed and bottled into a liquefied form. It is used as a fuel in two common types of lpg, these being butane and also propane. It is a low carbon and a high efficient form of fuel that can be applied to a wide range of applications and uses.

Although Calor Gas is renowned for being a type of bottled gas that is used with camping, caravanning, and leisure cooking stoves and cookers for heating and cooking purposes, this liquefied type of gas is also used for fuel for heating and drying applications, as a fuel in cars, vans, lorries, and other vehicles that run off bottled gas

It is in addition used as a fuel in commercial applications (where propane gas is used to power fork-lift trucks and items of powered plant), and for heating and catering purposes where this is a preferred fuel of choice or where traditional natural gas and electric is not available.

About Calor Gas

Portable Cooking Appliance Uses

Propane and Butane refill bottles of Calor Gas are commonly used with various types and brands of cooking stoves and ovens.

The cookers and stoves that are fitted to most types of touring caravans use the smaller sizes of bottles in this suppliers range. They are typically stored and carried in the front area of the caravan in the dedicated storage area that is just behind the front of the towing A frame bar. Depending on the owners choice the cooking appliance in their own caravan (or motorhome or boat) could run on butane or propane lpg depending on the specifications of the appliances and also the type of gas regulator that is fitted.

When it comes to static caravans, the large bottles of propane gas are used. This is because they can be stored outside the mobile home, either in a secure storage unit or simply placed next to the outside of the caravan in a safe place. Propane is used with static caravans as the large sized bottles (usually of the 47kg size) are more economical when it comes to purchasing and consuming this type of fuel compared to the smaller bottle sizes of butane bottled gas.

The same scenario applies when it comes to portable camping stoves and small bbq’s. Users will typically buy the smaller cylinder sizes of butane Calor Gas as they are easier to carry, manoeuvre, and use whilst camping, trekking, climbing, or carrying out another type of leisure activity.    

Portable Calor Gas Heaters

Mobile cabinet heaters and patio heaters are popular LPG appliances that are versatile, efficient, and economical to use, especially when compared to electric powered heaters. Calor Gas Heaters of the Cabinet type are especially popular for homeowners in Sheffield that require an additional form of heating that can be sited where needed, both in the home or the workplace. They are commonly used in Autumn, Winter and Spring time for providing extra heat where needed in a a cold office, a conservatory, dining room, or other area as needed.

These heaters operate off a medium sized refill cylinder of butane gas, which as far as the Calor brand goes will be supplied in a blue colour.

Patio Heaters - You can purchase dedicated patio gas from your local Calor Gas Stockist in Sheffield. This is available in 2 bottle sized depending on the model of patio heater that you own or are using. Small heaters accept the small 5kg cylinder, where as standard patio heaters use the larger 13kg size.

In both instances the fuel inside these bottles is of the propane type.

Local Stockist's and Suppliers

With Calor Gas being perhaps the most common and recognised brand of liquid gas available throughout the UK, there is a large network of shops, garages, camping and leisure outlets that sell it. In the location of Sheffield in South Yorkshire (situated between Barnsley, Chesterfield, and Rotherham) there is a good choice of stockists where you will be able to obtain the exact type and size of Calor Gas Bottles that you need.

Not all stockists keep the full size and type range, but most have a really good choice for you to pick from. It is worth asking before making a special journey if they have the specific one that you want to buy in-stock.

Cabinet Heater Gas

Go Outdoors

Hill Street / Bramhall Lane, Sheffield S2 4SZ

Telephone: 0344 3876801

B & Q

Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DR

Telephone: 0114 2780303

Morrison Supermarket (Petrol Station)

114 - 118 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 7UE

Telephone: 0114 2749910