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Bottled Gas Stockists In Leicester

Find a local stockist of butane and propane bottled gas
Looking for a supplier of butane gas?

Do you need to find bottled gas for your cabinet heater?  

Are you searching online for a local Leicester stockist of propane gas for a
portable heater or bbq?

Our free to use local business directory features business and companies that supply bottled gas in Leicester. Recognised as one of the most economical forms of fuel, common types of bottled gas are butane, propane, and leisure gas which is often a mixture of the two combined in one cylinder.
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Flogas Bottled Gas Bottled Gas Cabinet Heaters Bottled Gas
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Flogas Leicester

3 Ravensbridge Drive, Leicester, LE4 0BX

Main stockist of Flogas bottled gas inc butane and propane. LPG gas for home, leisure, and commercial applications. Cabinet heater refills, fork lift truck (FLT) gas. Delivery in Leicester

Tel: (0800) 574574      View more details on Flogas in Leicester

Your Local Leicester Bottled Gas Stockists Propane Bottled Gas Stockists In Leicester Buy Bottled Gas From Your Leicester Stockist Calor Bottled Gas In Leicester
Local Dealers for butane and propane lpg bottled gas

Morrisons Supermarket / Petrol Station

Freemans Park, Aylestone Road, Leicester LE2 7LT

Glebe Garden Centre

Foston Road, Countesthorpe, Hillsborough, LE8 5QP


Bottled Gas Stockists in Leicester will usually offer for sale popular brands of bottled gas along the likes of Calor or Flogas. Both these companies offer a wide range of bottled lpg (liquified petroleum gas) gas suitable for fitment to portable cabinet heaters, garage space heaters, workshop blower heaters, fork lift trucks, as well as leisure and cooking appliances such as barbeques, camping and cooking stoves, and patio heaters.

You can choose from a large range of different sized bottles (also referred to as cylinders) of LPG gas depending on your particular appliance. Butane gas is commonly in a small to medium sized cylinder for fitment to cabinet heaters, plaque heaters, and camping type stoves and cookers. Propane gas is available in small, medium, and large cylinders up to 47kg in size. These are commonly used for commercial applications such as burning torches, gas powered flood lights, and high powered space heaters. Leisure gas is most commonly used for patio heater applications.  

Collection Service

All stockist’s and agents in Leicester have a collection service where you can collect (or exchange) bottled gas in person. This in convenient especially if you have your own transport and the stockist is close to where you reside or work.

Delivery Service  

Most users of bottled gas choose to have their fuel delivered. All Leicester Bottled Gas suppliers offer this service throughout their local areas. The delivery of cylinders of butane and propane gas makes good sense especially if you require a “spare bottle” to keep on-hand to ensure you never run out during those cold spells.