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Mini diggers are used for a wide range of construction projects and excavation work. If you have searched within Google for information on these items of plant equipment you are probably wondering if you should hire a mini digger for your next project. Before you go ahead though it is worthwhile understanding what mini diggers are used for and finding out what kinds of excavation jobs are they good for.
Once you start to do some research into what you need to know about mini diggers you will soon see that there are lots of tasks that these excavators can do, they are very good at some jobs, and there are also other tasks which are better done by using other items of construction equipment.
One of the first things that we feel we should mention is that it’s important to keep in-mind that to operate a micro or mini digger takes experience and skill, as with most items of powered equipment and plant. They can be a dangerous item of equipment in the wrong hands. If you are a novice or have never operated one before please ensure you receive adequate guidance and training, especially with the diggers controls before using one
A large range of jobs can be completed with the use of one of these excavator machines. They are ideal for small to medium sized projects around the home and garden for landscaping and construction projects. Builders and other skilled trades also choose them when their size and capabilities are just right for a particular job - in preference to other items of plant equipment.
A few examples of different jobs that mini diggers are well suited for are for:
The digging of foundations, for digging holes, for creating trenches to lay pipes and electrical utilities, removing soil and rocks for landscaping, when digging garden ponds, when building house extensions and new boundary walls.
If you have a job in-mind that is too large for using hand tools like picks, shovels, mattocks, etc - consider the hire of a micro or mini digger! Using the right equipment is safer and more cost effective in the long run than just making do with other tools.


A mini digger, also known and referred to as a mini excavator is an item of construction plant equipment that is used for excavating and the digging of ground works. Driven and operated by a skilled operator they are smaller in physical size than a traditional digger (such as what people and builders may refer to as a JCB), they are normally used on small to medium sized excavation and construction projects. As you get to learn all you need to know about mini diggers it will become clear that one of these machines can really bring a lot of strength and time saving benefits to an excavation site. Although micro diggers and mini diggers have a relatively small foot print size they are really powerful at what they do! Projects that builders and trades think may dictate a large item of plant can often be carried out by a mini excavator with ease.
Attachments - When you choose to hire a mini digger you will usually be offered two types of attachments by your local plant hire company or tool hire shop where you are obtaining the excavator from. One attachment is what you would use for excavating and digging, the other one for demolition work. The projects that you are working on will determine which attachment you use.
Operators Cab - All micro and mini diggers have a cab in which the operator sits in to manoeuvre, drive, and operate the machine. Some are fitted with open cabs and others have a full cab with a cage all around the operator. Within the cab are the machines operator controls that control everything including the all important digging arm, bucket, and powered tracks. Note - whilst most mini diggers and micro diggers are fitted with tracks, it is also possible to hire a mini digger from some plant hire companies that have wheels. These are often chosen for when carrying out groundsworks inside properties, on roads, and other sites where the ground is a hard smooth surface.
Hire a Mini Digger with Tracks ? - Most builders and home owners in the UK choose the rental of a digger that is track mounted, this is because more often than not the machine is to be used on a site or property where the ground is made up of soil, dirt, gravel, grass, or even mud! In these site conditions a wheeled digger would be totally unsuitable and would probably get stuck.  

WHAT IS A MINI DIGGER? (Or a micro digger)


We have mentioned above that only a skilled operator should use one of these items of plant equipment - but how do you use one?
To use one you sit in the machines cab and use the operator controls to move (drive) the digger and control it’s excavation arm. Most of the controls are levers, there is no steering wheel as you would find in a car.
Different levers control the tracks as opposed to the digging arm, the left and right hand side tracks can be operated independently, allowing the machine to move to the side, forward, back, and around in virtually any direction. Some models also have a cab that moves in a complete circle for added visibility and level of operator control.
Always read the supplied operator instructions and become familiar with operating the machine before you start any excavation or digging work. Start, move, and become experienced with how the machine operates and works in a level open space first.
Choosing the Right Machine - There are a few important factors that you need to be clear on in order to obtain the right machine for your particular project or excavation task. Site access is critical, so make sure you know what width, length, and height of machine is suitable for your own site, can the machine be delivered to your site easily, perhaps to a garden at your Sheffield home? The reach of the digging arm fitted to the digger is another, do you need a particular size of arm to be able to dig down deep enough when excavating or creating foundation trenches? Bucket size - a larger bucket will remove ground soil faster than a smaller one, or is space tight and a small bucket is the better option?
About Mini Diggers All You Need To Know About Mini Diggers


Plant equipment is designed to make excavation and construction work easier, safer, and allow it to be carried out in a faster more cost effective way than using other tools and items of equipment. As well as purchasing you can obtain obtain mini digger hire in all areas, regions, and towns and cities in the UK.
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